Opening Hours
Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm
Sat 9am - 1pm


Clonter is committed to providing the highest quality training and performance opportunities for singers who are at the beginning of their professional careers, although when appropriate more established artists are engaged.

The artistic policy is to select repertoire that is both suitable for young singers and also attractive to the general public. Tailored versions of whole operas allow singers to perform main roles, and chorus opportunities are therefore limited. The Summer opera is taken on tour to The Britten Theatre at the Royal College of Music in London. This extended period gives the singers an invaluable opportunity to get to know their roles and is an essential part of Clonter’s overall vision.

Clonter is a registered charity whose aim is to bridge the gap between conservatoire and professional work. Each year Clonter audition hundreds of young opera singers from the UK and abroad who are studying at the major music colleges or may have already graduated and are at the start of their career, as well as other more seasoned performers.

Clonter’s unique residential, touring and educational programme has been refined over a number of years and staff with international experience ensure the highest possible production standards. Residential facilities are
provided for the young singers, who travel to Cheshire from all over the world.


“No stars, no special favourites, no pecking order. Remarkable. And that comes as much from what is on offer as it does from those participating. It’s rare – if not unique- ethos and one that should be encouraged and supported.”
Michael McCaffery, Director

“I feel very fortunate to have been given these opportunities upon leaving college, and in the early stages of my career.These were important for my training and experience. It provided me with a platform “to make a start” and I shall always be grateful.”
Mary Plazas, Soprano

“Clonter Opera Farm is a very special place that serves a unique purpose. On signing a contract singers are hired for a professional engagement just as if they were singing for a major opera house and yet Clonter provides a safety net for the singers involved. The summer courses serve as a proving ground for those fresh from or still at college or for the more experienced artists trying new repertoire to see if you can really do all you’ve been training for. The experience is a gift to all that attend.”
Simon Thorpe, Baritone

“Your company has an international reputation as a training resource, and your work at Clonter has been extraordinarily helpful to many in starting their careers or enhancing their skills.”
John Adams, Director

“I can only imagine what a Herculean task running an opera company must be, in these challenging times more than ever. The rewards are there for all to see, not only in the splendid end results in each production, but in the seeds planted in the fertile ground of young artists’ professional experience.”
Paul Carey Jones, Baritone

“I feel I can speak on behalf of the other participants in expressing my admiration for all the hard work and enthusiasm that you put into Clonter Opera – it is wonderful to see a company which supports so many young artists.”
Derek Welton, Baritone

“I learned a lot and am grateful for that platform. It was my first attempt at opera which has since taken me all over the world.”
Simon Keenlyside, Baritone